Affective Domain

Why teach to the affective domain? This domain invites students to

  • Attach value or worth to new information or experiences
  • Incorporate new information or experiences into existing value system
  • Integrate and internalize new information or experiences (“Learning Domains”)

Moreover, in this domain, instructors may address risk factors contributing to achievement gaps. At-risk students may lack

  • the motivation to pursue a college degree
  • the soft skills needed to be successful (i.e. attending class, maintaining concentration, using effective study strategies and using social skills necessary to ask questions)
  • the personality traits needed to enhance scholarly pursuits (Laskey and Hetzel)

Understandably, some may argue that if students do not appreciate the value of a college degree, then they should not to have the privilege to attend. However, this argument falls flat, considering that students have to learn to value, appreciate, and internalize new experiences. If students did not learn the value of a college degree in high school, then what better place to learn than at community college?