Students Will

  • thread a family narrative by creating a soundmap.
  • learn the traditional narrative essay mode.
  • draw from personal and family experience for inspiration.
  • reflect upon their personal narratives.
  • respond to their classmates’ narratives.
  • develop technical skills.
  • hone communication skills.
  • apply knowledge, skills, and values learned from this project to new situations.



  • make note of influential family members.
  • use PowerPoint and audio clips to compose the narrative.
  • search for quilt graphics to serve as narrative backgrounds.
  • establish a theme for the narrative.
  • interview family members.
  • enter the name of a family member on each section of the quilt.
  • edit sound clips, limiting the overall narrative to 60 minutes.
  • post sound clips adjacent to family members’ names.
  • post additional graphics, photos, and sounds to develop the narrative.
  • experience one classmate’s quilt.


  • discuss ethical responsibilities of sonic cartographers.
  • write a two-page reflection of the personal narratives and explain how the quilts compare to classmates’ quilts.
  • identify changes in attitudes, beliefs, and/or behaviors.

Sample Family Quilt with Royalty Free Instrumentals

Quilt Background